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“I am so happy with the art Tofusenshi is creating and offering to us. She did personalized emotes twice for my twitch account and I am fascinated how she implements my ideas and created something so unique. Also, she is always open for new tasks, such as creating twitch panels. The outcome was stunning! Thank you, Tofu.”
I’ve commissioned a lot of art in my time online, but nothing has been as evocative or breathtaking as the work Tofusenshi made for me. It’s a true work of art that I hold dear, turning what was a personal character into a gorgeous masterpiece. I consider myself lucky to have a Tofusenshi piece!
I have had the pleasure of commissioning Tofu 5 different times, and every single time she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Never have I had an artist work with me to such a degree to ensure the final version is exactly what I wanted. I can easily say that Tofu is the best artist I have ever commissioned, and anyone would be lucky to work with her.



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