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❓ FAQ ❓

Shipping & Orders

Please read the Shipping & Payment Policy page first.

  1. Where is the store based?
    › EU, Czech Republic
  2. Do you accept orders outside of EU?
    › I accept orders from any country (there are few exceptions).
  3. Why don’t you ship to my country?
    › There are certain countries that are very problematic to deliver packages to for different reasons. I chose not to ship to those countries to save my and your time with shipping troubles.
  4. How does local pickup work?
    › Local pickup is specifically for people that are able to pick up their package in Prague or any other place that we agreed to upfront. Make sure to leave working contacts, or in better case message me right after you order with a request to set up a handover. 
  5. Why is shipping to my country expensive?
    › Shipping international packages from Czech Republic is fairly cheap. I am keeping prices as low as possible but still sufficient to ensure safety of the goods with quality packaging. If you think shipping to your country is unusually expensive, there might be a mistake in the system. Feel free to contact me so I can check if that’s the case.
  6. How long does shipping take?
    › Estimated shipping times are stated at Shipping & Payment Policy page.
  7. Will I be charged any customs fees?
    › For orders outside of the EU you may be responsible for paying any applicable customs fees. This is determined based on the country the order is being shipped to. It is common that the fee is only paid above a certain price threshold. For further information about applicable fees please check with your country customs office or official website.
  8. I can’t find my tracking number.
    › Only orders containing A4+ sized prints are provided with tracking number. It’s printed on your invoice, which is attached to the e-mail confirming shipment of your package.
  9. I am not sure if payment went through?
    › If your payment went through, you will be immediately notified via e-mail from Comgate (Payment Gateway provider) and from my shop system with order confirmation e-mail.
  10. Are you planning to add more payment options?
    › I plan to add Paypal in around half of 2023.
  11. Can I add item/s to my order?
    › Yes, but please message me ASAP if you intend to and wait for my reply. If I haven’t packed or shipped your order yet, I will allow you to add items. I will provide you with a free shipping coupon so you can order more items without paying shipping twice. Contact me via e-mail and also try to notify me through discord or instagram DM’s so I get the message quickly.
  12. I haven’t received my order yet and it’s already over estimated shipping time to my destination.
    › Please check your tracking number using a service like https://www.17track.net/ (if your package was eligible for tracking number). It should provide you with needed information. In some cases packages outside of Europe might take up to 6 weeks to deliver, depending on your country. If tracking information is unclear, let me know and I will try to help. These will be handled case by case, depending on the given situation.
  13. Wrong shipping address
    › Please let me know ASAP before I ship the order, so we can make it right. Possible redelivery must be covered by the buyer.
  14. Any other issue
    › If there is anything wrong with your order or you have any other questions or issues, please contact me via e-mail. I will get back to you soon.

Permission & Usage

  1. Personal use
    Feel free to use any of my art for personal purposes like avatars, profile pictures, wallpaper, etc.. There is but one rule: always credit my work by writing in description “Art by Tofusenshi – www.tofusenshi.art” and/or add a link to my social media like my Instagram, Twitch and/or Twitter. If there is no way to credit my work, please restrain from using it.
  2. Commercial purposes
    If you want to use any of my art for commercial purposes (book covers, album covers, song covers, merchandise, etc.), this is something I charge for. Please feel free to contact me for more information.
  3. Tattoo
    If you have an artist good enough to not butcher my art, please go ahead! I only ask you to credit my work after you share the finished product to your socials. I will be happy to see final result.
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