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🌱 About Tofusenshi 🌱

Tofusenshi is an illustrator and streamer based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Her art journey was born from a passion for incredible works of fiction in games, inspired by the artists who created them she began with traditional art. At 15 years old she was strictly producing fan arts from her favourite game – League of Legends. At this time she also began her streaming journey on twitch. As a fledgling streamer in the creative section, she built a loyal fanbase. Growing as both an artist and streamer she became the first partnered czech streamer in the creative section as well as a Copic instructor for Czech Republic.

In 2019 she took the leap into the digital art world and started exploring more of what art has to offer! At first it was challenging, especially being self taught, but with a strong desire to hone her craft as well as bring that knowledge and experience to her community, she pressed on. 

Recently she’s  been focusing on drawing and designing her own characters, ranging from aesthetic concepts to gritty fantasy. Learning industry techniques and making sure her process is refined and professional. She is always curious about trying new things and improving her craft.

✨ Aspiration ✨

My next steps are going to be pushing the boundaries of what is possible with my art. I want my ability to be such that I can create whatever my mind imagines without restriction. I would like to table at an international convention as a major milestone in my career. I would also love to study at FZD in order to gain technical and specialized knowledge that will allow me to work in the games industry on some truly impressive titles, although my chances of studying there are extremely low while I still have 2 kidneys.


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